Materials to create

Since a material can be seen, touched, and because tomorrow, transformed and shaped, it will cover a space, DINES plays with your emotions and your senses. 

  • collection : Woody & Totem
  • Photographer : Géraldine Bruneel
Nothing can resist beauty. Especially when it is unique. Here, exception is queen. DINES chooses the best craftspeople for their singular expertise. From these choices, a true work of authorship arises. Always exceptional, each interior design request requires a pluperfect tailor-made care.  Shaping materials with power and sensuality, finding brilliant answers to the most daring requests, drawing harmonious assortments from samples with infinite possibilities, insuring excellence and exclusivity… these are the requirements DINES deems necessary. The workshop also sees its trade as an interior designer as a work in progress. Its research results in combinations that are sometimes extravagant, often daring, but always appropriate, halfway between art and crafts. Both a source of inspiration and a force in realization, DINES suggests, creates, sometimes referring to existing ideas, or starting from scratch, to invent something new.