Materials for the heart

Making our own the creative desires that we receive, we get completely involved in each creation: DINES teams are made of this fabric.

  • Olivier Dardilhac : President
  • Clarisse Francheteau : Executive assistant
  • Véronique Cluzeau : Project manager
  • Dominique Ducret : Build manager
  • Alexandra Moiret : Project manager assistant
  • Christian Chabrier : Agent
DINES is a state of mind. That of a team of passionate people who share a taste for beautiful things. Aware that this creative trade, navigating between tradition and innovation, requires skill and open-mindedness, each of them remains true to the wish of perfection driving each of its initiatives.  This united team accompanies your projects from A to Z, creating real partnerships with all its customers. In this special field where the knowledge of materials and that of their purpose are profoundly connected, attention to detail is a constant no one can contravene. Much more than a concern for its reputation, it is always out of passion for its trade that everyone at DINES endeavors to fulfill its customers’ desires at best.